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IUCr 1996 Triennial Report - Volume A. Space-Group Symmetry

After lengthy preparations, the fourth, revised edition of Volume A was published in March 1995. It contains new diagrams for all plane groups and space groups, as well as new explanatory diagrams in Section 2.6. Furthermore, this edition contains for 17 space groups the new graphical symbols for the `double' glide plane e, introduced in an IUCr Nomenclature Report in 1992. This has led to major changes in Section 1 and to modifications of the Hermann-Mauguin symbols for five space groups (Nos. 39, 41, 64, 67, 68).

A list of corrigenda and addenda to the third, revised edition (1992) appeared in Acta Cryst. (1995), A51, 592-595.

The third, revised and enlarged edition of the Brief Teaching Edition of Volume A appeared in the summer of 1993. As a new item, it contains the 17 plane groups, so useful for teaching purposes.

Early in 1996, the material for a corrected reprint of Volume A, as well as for the fourth edition of the Brief Teaching Edition of Volume A, was prepared.

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