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IUCr 1996 Triennial Report - Ewald Prize

The establishment of the Ewald Prize, for outstanding contributions to the science of crystallography, was announced in February 1986 and was given wide publicity. The name of the Prize was chosen with the kind consent of the late Paul Peter Ewald, to recognize Professor Ewald's significant contributions to the foundations of crystallography and to the founding of the International Union of Crystallography, especially his services as the President of the Provisional International Crystallographic Committee from 1946 to 1948, as the first Editor of the IUCr's publication Acta Crystallographica from 1948 to 1959, and as the President of the IUCr from 1960 to 1963.

Shortly after the death of Professor Ewald, his family informed the President that Professor Ewald had wished to make a bequest to the IUCr. After consulting Mrs Ewald, this generous bequest, together with a donation from the Ewald family and a donation from the IUCr, was used as starting capital for the Ewald Prize. The interest from this capital and further donations from the IUCr are used to finance the Prize.

The Prize consists of a medal, a certificate and an award of USD 30000. It is presented once every three years during the triennial International Congresses of Crystallography. The first Prize was presented during the Perth Congress, being awarded jointly to Professor J. M. Cowley and Dr A. F. Moodie. The second Prize was presented during the Bordeaux Congress to Professor B. K. Vainshtein. The third Prize was presented during the Beijing Congress to Professor N. Kato.

In March 1996, it was announced that the fourth Ewald Prize had been awarded to Professor M. G. Rossmann for his work on molecular replacement and the use of non-crystallographic symmetry in the determination of macromolecular structure and for his research on the structure of viruses, which is foremost among the triumphs of crystallography.

Professor Michael Rossmann works in the Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

The presentation of the Ewald Prize to Professor Rossmann will be made during the Congress Opening Ceremony.

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