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IUCr 1996 Triennial Executive Committee Report - IUCr staff

There have been some staff changes during the triennium. The present members of staff in the IUCr offices in Chester are: Mr M. H. Dacombe (Executive Secretary), Mrs A. Cawley (Part-time Administrative Assistant to the Executive Secretary), Mrs M. J. Robinson (Part-time Secretary to the Executive Secretary), Mr P. R. Strickland (Managing Editor), Mrs S. E. King (Technical Editor), Mr B. McMahon (Research and Development Officer), Dr A. S. Berry (Assistant Technical Editor), Mr S. P. Westrip, Dr G. F. Holmes, Mrs L. E. Clark-Jones, Miss J. K. Stoddard and Miss C. A. Moore (Senior Editorial Assistants), Mr S. Conway, Miss A. M. K. Monahan, Dr N. J. Stedman and Dr A. Weight (Editorial Assistants), Dr M. A. Hoyland, Mr M. Geselle and Mr D. Holden (Research and Development Assistants), Mrs L. Rathbone (Secretary) and Mrs C. Cook (Part-time Keyboard Operator).

The additions to the editorial staff have been made to handle the increased workload resulting from (1) the transfer of the consistency and duplication checking from the journals' Co-editors to the Chester office, (2) the increased number of manuscripts being submitted for publication, (3) the introduction of the new Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, (4) the move towards in-house typesetting (58% of the total pages were typeset in-house in 1995) and provision of final output in SGML format, and (5) the setting up and maintenance of databases and the World-Wide Web home page.

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