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IUCr 1996 Minutes of Seventeenth General Assembly

Introduction and list of delegates

Sessions of the General Assembly were held on the evenings of Saturday 10 August, Sunday 11 August and Wednesday 14 August. It was not found necessary to meet on Friday 16 August, as originally planned. The following attendance list gives the names of official delegates appointed by the Adhering Bodies and of the alternates who substituted at one or more sessions. Dates of attendance are given in parentheses for those who were not present at every session. The names are listed by the countries to which the respective Adhering Bodies belong, and the number of votes of the Adhering Body is given in parentheses after the name of the country. The names of the Chairmen of the delegations are printed in bold type where they are known; those of alternates are marked by an asterisk. There were no delegates from Serbia, Ukraine or Venezuela.

Argentina (1): G. Punte

Australia (3): E. N. Maslen, M. A. Spackman, J. W. White

Austria (1): A. Preisinger

Belgium (2): G. H. Evrard, K. H. Michel

Brazil (3): E. E. Castellano (10 and 11 August), A. Craievich, Y. Mascarenhas

Bulgaria (1): O. Angelova

Canada (3): I. C. Bassignana. S. Fortier, R. J. Read

Chile (1): J. Garin

China, People's Republic (4): X.-l. Jin, Z.-h. Mai (11 and 14 August), N.-b. Ming (11 and 14 August), Z. Zhang

China, The Academy of Sciences Located in Taipei (2): S. L. Chang, Y. Wang

Croatia (1): B. K. Prodic

Czech/Slovak Republics (1): Z. Zak

Denmark (1): N. Thorup

Egypt (1): M. S. Ahmed

Finland (1): T. L. P. Paakkari

France (4): B. Capelle, Y. Epelboin, R. Fourme, C. Lecomte

Germany (4): H. Fuess, W. Jeitschko, P. Paufler, W. Schmahl

Hungary (1): A. Kálmán

India (2): K. Lal, D. Pandey

Israel (1): F. H. Herbstein

Italy (3): S. Candeloro, G. Filippini, F. Zanazzi

Japan (4): Y. Mitsui, O. Nittono (10 and 11 August), Y. Ohashi, M. Ohmasa* (14 August), M. Tanaka (10 and 11 August), H. Toraya* (14 August) Korea (1): S. J. Chung

Mexico (1): D. Romeu-Casajuana (10 and 11 August), H. Terrones-Maldonado* (14 August)

The Netherlands (2): D. Feil, P. Gros

New Zealand (1): B. F. Anderson

Norway (1): B. Fjaertoft-Pedersen

Poland (1): A. Pietraszko

Portugal (1): M. A. Carrondo (11 and 14 August), M. T. Duarte (10 August)

Russia (4): E. V. Antipov, L. A. Aslanov, A. A. Chernov, V.I. Simonov

Slovenia (1): I. Leban

South Africa (2): G. J. Kruger, L. R. Nassimbeni

Spain (3): F. J. Lahoz, C. Miravitlles, J. Rius

Sweden (2): R. Norrestam, I. Olovsson

Switzerland (2): G. C. Chapuis, W. B. Schweizer

UK (5): J. B. Forsyth, A. M. Glazer, J. A. K. Howard, S. J. Maginn, M. Moore

USA (5): R. F. Bryan, C. E. Bugg, W. L. Duax, D. S. Eggleston, J. Flippen-Anderson

Present as members of the Executive Committee: P. Coppens (President), R. Chidambaram (Vice-President), S. Larsen (General Secretary and Treasurer), A. Authier (Immediate Past President), E. N. Baker, P. W. Codding, J. Harada, M. Hart and H. Schenk (Ordinary Members). M. H. Dacombe was in attendance as Executive Secretary.

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