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IUCr 1993 16th General Assembly - Introductory remarks by the President

Professor AUTHIER welcomed the delegates and observers. The President began by recalling the names of crystallographers who had died during the last triennium. To this list was added the name of Jim King, who had been the Executive Secretary of the IUCr since 1969. The President said what a great pleasure it had been to work with Jim and that his untimely death was a great loss to the IUCr. He asked Professor Cruickshank, who had recruited Jim, to say a few words. D. W. J. CRUICKSHANK then gave a very moving account of Jim's personal qualities which made him so suited to his work, and emphasized his dedication to the IUCr and his enormous contribution to the whole crystallographic community. The General Assembly expressed its appreciation for all that Jim had done.

The President then reported that M. H. Dacombe had been appointed as the new Executive Secretary.

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