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IUCr 1993 16th General Assembly - Financial Report

A Financial Report, covering the calendar years 1990, 1991 and 1992, had been prepared by the Treasurer and had been submitted to the National Committees and the Commissions in June 1993. The Report, with subsequent corrections, follows these Minutes as Annex I, Appendix B.

The Treasurer reported that the financial state of the IUCr was healthy. He explained the structure and uses of the various Funds, grouping these into `money earning' Funds (for example, Acta Crystallographica, Journal of Applied Crystallography, International Tables, Structure Reports), a `sleeper' Fund (the General Fund) and `expense' Funds (Publications and Journals Development Fund, Research and Education Fund, Ewald Fund, President's Fund). The intention was that the `expense' Funds should be built up to be self-supporting and transfers to and grants from these Funds during the triennium were detailed. He showed a graph illustrating the growth in total balance (excluding fluctuations in exchange rates) during the triennium until June 1993.

The General Assembly accepted the Financial Report with acclamation.

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