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IUCr 1993 16th General Assembly - Sponsorship of meetings: Sub-committee on the Union Calendar

Since this is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee, the Assembly is not formally required to approve its report, which is reprinted as Annex I, Appendix H.

The Chairman of the Sub-committee explained the procedure for applying for sponsorship and noted that this support was of two types. The first was support for young scientists from the Research and Education Fund and the second was support for the organizers from the General Fund. The young scientists' support was in the form of travel grants and the awardees received a letter informing them that the support was from the IUCr. The Chairman also noted that Commissions were encouraged to apply for support of meetings which they organized.

The number of applications was increasing as other organizations were reducing their support but the IUCr was able to satisfy this increase in demand.

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