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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Volume D. Physical Properties of Crystals

A. Authier was appointed Editor of Volume D in July 1990 replacing B. T. M. Willis who had resigned in March 1990. At the invitation of the new Editor, a Working Party of nine persons met in Paris in June 1991. This group redefined the outline of the volume, which will consist of three parts (Part I: Tensorial Aspects of Physical Properties; Part II: Symmetry Aspects of Excitations; Part III: Symmetry Aspects of Structural Phase Transitions, Twinning and Domain Structures), and proposed a list of authors. This outline and a preliminary list of potential authors was accepted by the Executive Committee in its August 1991 meeting. About three-quarters of these authors have accepted and have started the preparation of their manuscripts. New authors are being sought for the remaining parts. It had been proposed that the volume be accompanied by software to read the Tables, based on test software made in Czechoslovakia. It turned out subsequently, however, that due to the situation in that country, the firm which was to develop the software was no longer in a position to do so, and another solution will have to be found. It is hoped that the manuscript of Volume D can be completed in 1994.

A. Authier, Editor

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