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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Volume B. Reciprocal Space

The report for this period concerns mainly routine, albeit lengthy, processing of the final stages of the editing of this volume. The status of Volume B, at the time of the Bordeaux Congress, in July 1990, was communicated to the Open Meeting of the Commission on International Tables, and was discussed with the Executive Committee. At the time of that meeting, 16 chapters of the volume were in galley-proof stage and the three remaining ones were in preparation at the Technical Editor's office. Most of the corrected galley proofs were returned for subsequent technical editing by the end of 1990. As far as Volume B is concerned, the year 1991 was devoted to the production of the page proofs, their distribution among the authors, and reviewing of some corrected page proofs that were returned by the authors. The processing of the page proofs was slower than expected, as in May 1992 corrected page proofs of some chapters were still expected at the Editor's office. However, by the end of September 1992 all the corrected page proofs were received, marked for indexing, and transferred to the Technical Editor's office. The only other subsequent contributions of the Editor were a preface to the volume and promotional text that was requested by the publishers. The last of these was acknowledged on 4 January 1993. Throughout the above period correspondence - usually by electronic mail - took place between the Editor, the authors and the Technical Editor.

Some dates may be relevant for this summarizing report: the editing of Volume B formally commenced beginning 1983, and the authors were requested to submit the final drafts of their contributions by 31 December 1985. These drafts arrived at the Editor's office between February 1986 and May 1990. This long time range was due, in part, to withdrawal of promised contributions, and consequent late invitations. The Editor looks forward to the publication of Volume B, and hopes it will be interesting and useful to the crystallographic community.

U. Shmueli, Editor

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