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IUCr 1993 Triennial Financial Report - Structure Reports

The Structure Reports accounts are shown in Table 8. The printing and binding costs, as well as the major part of the sales income in a particular year, are for the volumes published in that year, i.e. Volume 55A in 1990, Volume 56A in 1991 and Volumes 51B and 57A in 1992. The other expenses of a year always include editorial work for several volumes yet to be published.

In 1986 the EC decided to discontinue the publication of the Organic Compounds volumes of Structure Reports after the publication of the volume for 1985 (Volume 52B). In 1991 the EC agreed that the A Series (Metals and Inorganic Compounds) of Structure Reports should be terminated with the volume for 1990 and the Ten-Year Cumulative Index for 1981-90. For further details see the Triennial Report by the Chairman of the Commission on Structure Reports.

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