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IUCr 1993 Triennial Financial Report - The Journals Funds

Tables 6 and 7 give the accounts for Acta Crystallographica (AC) and the Journal of Applied Crystallography (JAC). One notes from the numbers there that the profit for both journals has stayed rather constant during the triennium, if one takes into account the transfers to other funds. The Finance Committee (FC) and the Executive Committee (EC) have monitored the financial development for both journals very closely and, according to the predicted number of printed pages for AC in 1989, considered that the journal would operate at a loss in 1990. The EC therefore decided to increase the AC subscription rates by 10% for 1990. Subscription rates had not been increased since 1983. In order to maintain a sound economy for the journals, subscription rates were increased by 15% for AC and 5% for JAC in 1991 and by 7% for both journals in 1992.

There was a small decrease in the number of subscriptions (about 7% for AC and 2.5% for JAC) during the triennium. For further details see the Triennial Report by the Chairmen of the Commission on Journals.

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