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IUCr 1993 Triennial Executive Committee Report - Publications

The subscription prices (in Danish kroner) of Acta Crystallographica and the Journal of Applied Crystallography were increased each year during the triennium. The new Section D of Acta Crystallographica is supplied free of charge in 1993 to all subscribers to Acta Crystallographica (except those taking only Section C).

The total annual number of pages published in 1990, 1991 and 1992 were:

                                       1990   1991   1992
Acta Cryst. Section A                   998    860    954
Acta Cryst. Section B                   864   1030    856
Acta Cryst. Section C                  2500   2740   2280
J. Appl. Cryst.                         560   1102    812

Total                                  4922   5732   4902

In addition, in 1990 Acta Cryst. Section A included a Supplement of 540 pages of abstracts communicated to the Bordeaux Congress. The October 1991 issue of J. Appl. Cryst. included 68 papers (465 pages) contributed to the Eighth International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering, Leuven, Belgium, 6-9 August 1990. New procedures for the submission and publication of papers in Section C of Acta Cryst. were instituted in January 1992. This led to a temporary drop in submissions for this Section in 1992 but the level of submissions has since returned to its previous high level. More details are given in the Report of the Commission on Journals.

The Fast Communications section in Acta Cryst. Section A was extended to Section B (and Section D on its launch in 1993) and to J. Appl. Cryst. Lead Articles in Acta Cryst. and J. Appl. Cryst. are actively encouraged. Colour diagrams are printed free of charge in all IUCr journals.

Full details on the publication of volumes of Structure Reports and of International Tables for Crystallography are given in the Reports of these Commissions.

The Eighth Edition of the World Directory of Crystallographers, edited by E. N. Maslen, was published in 1990. Y. Epelboin has been appointed Editor of the Ninth Edition. The Ninth Edition will be held as an electronic database in STAR file format which will also allow the automated typesetting of the Directory. Details of the electronic data entry form appeared in Acta Cryst. (1993), A49, 222-225. Work is progressing well and it is planned to have a preliminary demonstration of the database in Beijing.

The establishment, jointly with Oxford University Press, of the IUCr/OUP Book Series has been very successful. Details are given in the relevant Appendix to the Agenda.

The IUCr Newsletter was launched in January 1993 and by the time of the Beijing meeting three issues will have appeared. W. L. Duax is the Editor and receives editorial help from the American Crystallographic Association. The American Institute of Physics handles the production and distribution.

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