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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society (EPS CMD)

Until 1989, the IUCr Representative actively took part in the annual work of the Action Committee on Conferences. Since the Committee had been reorganized in 1989, the Executive Committee decided in Bordeaux that the IUCr representation on this Committee should also be terminated. Of course, Europhysics News continues to report regularly on the conferences and other events related to the European community of crystallographers.

The IUCr Representative continued to attend the meetings of the Board of the Condensed Matter Division. In 1991, the Board met first on 8 April in Exeter, England, then on 11 November in Pisa, Italy. Both meetings were attended by the IUCr Representative, who received reports on the activities of several sections of the CMD and he reported on the IUCr activities as well as the 1991 European Crystallographic Meeting, transferred from Ljubljana to Trieste.

On 7 April 1992 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Board elected its new Chairman, P. Wyder (Grenoble, France), and attended an evening talk given by Dr Metakides (EEC XIII Division) entitled `On Science in a Changing Europe', which aimed to help eastern European scientists find their future in a new world around them. The Annual Meeting was held again in Geneva, Switzerland (14 November), where first a new Vice-Chairman (G. Martinez, Grenoble) and new full members of the Board were elected. To analyse the future of European Conferences on Condensed Matter, a Task Force was nominated and then elected. The EPS President, M. Jacob, presented the general philosophy that governs the contacts of EPS with the EEC representatives. It is of primary importance to convince the people in the EEC that EPS is the natural scientific entity that should be recognized as an independent community, providing the possibilities of expertise on various subjects.

In 1993, the Board met on 29 March in Regensburg, Germany, on the first day of the 13th General Conference of CMD. It had more than 3500 participants, overwhelmingly from Germany (ca 2800 active participants), presenting more than 3000 contributions (including 170 invited papers). It is worth noting that several topics of the GCs of CMD are strongly supported by crystallography. During the Board meeting, a report was received on the future meeting (Madrid, 1994) with the conclusion that after 1994 the EPS CMD should try to organize the annual conferences jointly with the European Material Research Society. Of course, an adequate reviewing of such joint meetings should be guaranteed. Progress on this plan will be reported at the next full Board meeting, which will be held again in Geneva at the end of 1993.

5 May 1993                      A. KÁLMÁN, Representative

See 16th General Assembly decision concerning representation on this body

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