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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Commission on Structure Reports

Volume 55A (Metals and Inorganic Compounds for 1988), Volume 56A (Metals and Inorganic Compounds for 1989), Volume 57A (Metals and Inorganic Compounds for 1990) and Volume 51B (Organic Compounds for 1984) have been published. The Multi-Year Index for the Organic Compounds to 1980 (Volume 47B) has been completed, is with the publisher, and will appear in 1993. Co-editorial work will be completed for Volume 50B (Organic Compounds for 1983), for Volume 52B (Organic Compounds for 1985) and for the 1913-1990 Metals and Inorganic Indices (Volume 58A) - the final Structure Reports volumes - and they will be with the publisher before the Beijing General Assembly in August 1993. In accordance with decisions made previously, this will conclude the work of the Commission on Structure Reports which will then be disbanded.

3 February 1993                              G. FERGUSON, Chairman

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