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IUCr 1993 Triennial Report - Budget estimates for period to Seventeenth General Assembly: determination of unit contribution

(a) Budget estimates

The estimated budget for the General Fund (GF) is set out below, for the period until the next General Assembly. Since the budget estimates had to be prepared at a time when the decisions on many activities were still to be made, these estimates should be considered with due reserve. With this proviso, and in accordance with Statute 9.3, the Executive Committee presents to the General Assembly the following estimates for the three-year period 1 January 1993-31 December 1995.

General Fund
                                      SwFr        SwFr
Subscriptions from Adhering 
Bodies*                             404820
Yield from investments and 
banking accounts                    960000
Subventions from Unesco 
through ICSU                         58000      1422820

Administration                      645400
Subscriptions to ICSU and 
bodies of ICSU                       19300
Administrative meetings             228500
Scientific meetings                 295000
Transfers to other accounts         230000      1418200
                                    ______      _______

ESTIMATED PROFIT                                   4620
* This budget assumes an increase in the unit contribution for 1994 and 1995 (and 1996) from SwFr890 to SwFr1 000.

(b) Unit Contribution

According to Statute 5.10(k), the General Assembly has to determine the Unit Contribution to be paid by the Adhering Bodies for the period to the next General Assembly. The Executive Committee recommends to the General Assembly that the Unit Contribution should be increased from its present level of SwFr 890 to SwFr1000 for the years 1994-1996. It was last increased at the Ottawa General Assembly in 1981.

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