XIVth International Conference on X-ray analysis of minerals

             Ministry of General and Professional Education
                         of the Russian Federation
          Mineralogical Society of Russian Academy of Sciences
                 D.Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society
            Scientific council on crystal matter problems
               of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
                 Saint Petersburg State University

       XIVth International Conference on X-ray analysis of minerals

            dedicated to the ninetieth anniversary of G.B.Bokii

                       St. Petersburg, Russia
                         June 21-24, 1999

                Second Circular and Call for Abstracts

You are cordially invited to attend the XIVth International
Conference on X-ray analysis of minerals.

The Conference is timed for the 275-the anniversary of the
St. Petersburg University and for the 75-th anniversary of the
Department of Crystallography of the University.

The Conference is dedicated to the ninetieth anniversary of
G.B.Bokii, corresponding member of Russian Academy of
Sciences, - the patriarch of crystal chemistry.

The Conference will take place on 21-24 of June, 1999 in
the building of the D.Mendeleev Russian Society at the Saint
Petersburg State University (Vasiliev Island, University emb., 7/9).

The Conference is organized with the financial support of
Russian Fond for Basic Research.


Chairman:                                    Prof. S.K.Filatov

Co-chairmen:            Corr. member of RAS, Prof. V.S.Urusov
                                             Prof. I.V.Murin
                                             Prof. E.A.Goilo

Sci. secretaries:                              Dr. E.N.Kotelnikova
                                              Mrs. T.N.Kaminskaya

Members: Prof. E.V.Antipov (Moscow), Prof. A.I.Bakhtin (Kazan),
Prof. H.Bradaczek (Berlin, Germany), Prof. V.A.Drits (Moscow),
Dr. A.I.Erenburg (Kharkov, Ukraine), Prof. O.V.Frank-Kamenetskaya
(SPb), Mr. V.S.Fundamensky (SPb), Dr. B.A.Fursenko (Novosibirsk),
Dr. S.A.Ivanov (Moscow), Dr. I.A.Kasatkin (SPb), Dr. G.A.Krinari
(Kazan), Prof. V.G.Krivovichev (SPb), Dr. V.A.Liopo (Grodno,
Belorussia), Dr. A.V.Maslenikov (SPb), Prof. P.Paufler (Dresden,
Germany), Prof. D.Yu.Pushcharovsky (Moscow), Dr. T.F.Semenova
(SPb), Dr. O.G. Smetannikova (SPb), Prof. Yu.I.Smolin (SPb),
Dr. E.K.Vasiliev (Irkutsk), Dr. O.V.Yakubovich (Moscow),
Prof. B.B. Zvyagin (Moscow)

LOCAL ORGANIZERS: Dr. S.V.Krivovichev (Chairman), Mrs. N.V.Platonova
(Secretary),  Mrs. N.V.Chebotareva,  Dr. T.I.Ivanova, Mr. N.K.Stepanov,
Mr. V.B.Trofimov,  Mrs. S.Yu.Yanson.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM of the Conference includes general lectures,
oral and poster presentations on the main problems of X-ray
diffraction analysis of minerals.


1. X-ray diffraction analysis and crystal chemistry of minerals

2. X-ray diffraction analysis at various p-T conditions

3. X-ray diffraction analysis of layer silicates and of technological raw

4. Apparatus, techniques and software for X-ray, synchrotron, neutron
   and electron diffraction analysis (the demonstration of software is

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES of the Conference are Russian and English
(simultaneous interpreting is not intended).

REGISTRATION will begin on Monday, June 21 at 10 a.m.

The OPENING CEREMONY will start on Tuesday, June 22 at 10 a.m.

Plenary, section and poster sessions will be held at the building of
D.Mendeleev Russian Society.

Lecturers are provided with overheads and slide projectors.

The size of the poster is 100 cm (height) x 90 cm (width).


Full Conference Fee              150 $
Students, p.g. students           75 $
Accompanying persons              50 $

Registration fee includes:
- Conference program*
- Abstracts volume
- Participation in scientific program*
- Participation in Welcome Party* (Tuesday, June 22), Evening
  Club* (Wednesday, June 23), White Nights Farewell Party*
  (Thursday, June 24)
- Help in obtaining visa*
- One-way transfer from the airport to a hotel*
  (* included in the fee of accompanying person as well)


Please fill in the registration form enclosed and return it to the
Organizing Committee before April 15, 1999.

Registration fee (in US dollars) may be paid:

- by bank transfer to Saint Petersburg State University - RM14
  account N 40503840100001000023
  in the Bank for Foreign Trade, Branch St. Petersburg
  29, Bolshaya Morskaya st., St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia
  (Please state your full name and address. Please ensure that the
  remittance is free of transferring charges. Please send a copy of your
  bank transfer form with your registration form);

- at the registration desk by cash. Travellers' cheques and credit
  cards are not accepted.


The Organizing Committee arranges accommodation in the hotels of
various price categories located most conveniently to St. Petersburg
State University:

Hotel    Category   Distance from SPbSU   Price (in USD)  | Breakfast
                                          single  double
Astoria    ****       20 min walk or       234     285     Buffet -20 $
                      10 min by bus                        Contitental - 15 $
                         line 10

tiyskaya   ****       25 min by bus         115     122    Buffet breakfast
                         line 7                            is included

Morskaya     **     15 min by bus lines 7    35      70     Continental
                        and -47 or                         breakfast
                      trolleybus line 10                    is included

Hostel                 25 min walk or 10     15      20     Breakfeast
Pedagogical           min by bus lines 7,                   is not included
University             -47 and 47-T or
                       trolleybus line 10

SOCIAL PROGRAM includes excursions to mineralogical museums
of St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg Mining Institute,
to D.Mendeleev memorial flat at St. Petersburg University etc.


To obtain Russian visa you need a personalised letter of invitation
from the Organizing Committee. For this purpose, please, send in
advance a copy of the page(s) of your passport indicating the passport
number, the date of expiry and the date of your birth, together with the
data on your affiliation and current position, full address, phone and
fax numbers.

     You may send the data:
1) by mail to Mrs. T.N.Kaminskaya, Dept. of Crystallography,
   St. Petersburg State University, University emb. 7/9, 199034
   St. Petersburg, Russia
2) by E-mail as the attached archive file to the following address:
3) by fax to the following number: +7-812-3287861
   (please, use this fax number to send a copy of your passport only).


Abstract should be prepared in camera-ready form on the A4 sheet of
paper (210 x 297 mm). Text including title, authors and their
affiliations, footnotes, references, diagrams, tables, equations etc.
should occupy one or two full sheets, be typed with single spacing,
Times New Roman font with a point size of 12 p. is preferable.
Margins: left and top - 3 cm, right and bottom - 2 cm. The title should
be typed in capital letters with centring. Leave a single line blank after
the title. Author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) should be typed in upper
and lower case. The name of the presenting author should be marked
with an asterisk. Leave a single line blank after the affiliation(s).
References should be given in square brackets and sequentially
numbered. List of references  should be placed in the  end of the

Please submit by mail the original and two copies of the typed
abstract before April 15, 1999. You should also send the electronic
version as attached MS Word file or ASCII text to


Dept. of Crystallography
St. Petersburg State University
University emb. 7/9
199034 St. Petersburg, Russia

E-mail: rm14@cryst.geol.pu.ru

                        Important date

Abstract submission and registration deadline - April 15, 1999


for the XIVth International Conference on X-ray analysis of minerals
                      Saint Petersburg, Russia
                         21-24 of June, 1999


Family Name                            First Name
Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Mrs)
Institution                            Department
City             Country               Post Code
Phone            Fax                   E-mail

Accompanying Person
Family Name                            First Name

Full Conference Fee                150 $      __
Students, p.g. students             75 $      __
Accompanying persons                50 $      __

__   I transferred the total amount of $      to the bank             (data)
__   I will pay at the registration desk

(No booking fee required, to be paid upon arrival)
                                        single          double
****Astoria                               __              __
****Pribaltiyskaya                        __              __
**Morskaya                                __              __
Hostel                                    __              __

Data of arrival                  Data of Departure

Data                     Signature



Title of the contribution

Oral __       Poster  __      presentation is preferable
Section        __  1            __ 2            __ 3           __ 4

Data                  Signature

Please, fill in and return the registration, accommodation and abstract
submission forms by April 15, 1999 to:

Mrs. T.N.Kaminskaya
Dept. of Crystallography
St.Petersburg State University
University emb. 7/9
199034 St. Petersburg, Russia

or by E-mail: rm14@cryst.geol.pu.ru

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