Attractive Salary Package - 2 Year Term

An opportunity exists for a recent PhD graduate with a strong innovation focus, good communication skills and a proven publication record to join a unique research collaboration. ANSTO and the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship are seeking a researcher who can work well within small cross-disciplinary teams and can collaborate strongly with other research groups.

The fellow will work in a major initiative applying a multidisciplinary approach to understand the structure of resistant starch. Resistant starch is defined as the fraction of starch that escapes digestion in the small intestine, serving as a fermentation substrate for colonic bacteria. Resistant starch levels in the diet have been implicated to lower the risk of serious diet-related diseases including inflammatory bowel disease and colo-rectal cancer. The project strategy is to study resistant starches as a function of their molecular organisation. This will include structural determination of, e.g. degree of polymerisation, crystallinity and crystal type and to measure the effects of processing on the levels of these variables and the kinetics of RS generation. Based on the characterised molecular structure, the resultant physical structure of resistant starches will be examined in ingredients and model products. Their functionality in-vivo and in-vitro will be causally related to their molecular architecture.

The fellow will also interact closely with CSIRO Food Futures staff located in Food Science Australia, Plant Industry and Human Nutrition. Experience in the application of X-ray or neutron scattering methods to investigate bio-systems is essential and a background in polysaccharides would be highly regarded. The fellow will have the opportunity to publish their science in high impact journals and international conferences.

For further technical information relating to this position please contact Dr Elliot Gilbert or Dr. Tony Bird by e-mail:;

To apply or for further information please consult the vacancies page of our website or contact Jessica Simpson on (02) 9717 3905. Applications must address the selection criteria and contain at least three professional referees.

Applications close: 27th June 2008

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