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A two year post-doc position for XRD research at beamline I811, MAX-lab synchrotron source, Lund, Sweden.

Beamline I811 is a general purpose materials science beamline based on a super-conducting wiggler source at the MAX-II storage ring. The main experimental techniques at the beamline are x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and x-ray diffraction (XRD). It covers a wide range of applications in chemistry, solid-state physics, material science, environmental science and geochemistry. Additional information on beamline I811 can be found on the following web-site: http://www.maxlab.lu.se/beamlines/bli811/

The Function
It is expected that the candidate will participate in a scientific project, aiming to develop two surface science chambers for x-ray diffraction experiments at beamline I811. In addition, MAX-lab encourage any independent scientific project started by the applicant. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the operation of the surface diffraction dedicated x-ray diffractometer, as well as performing in-situ XRD experiments. The candidate is also expected to give assistance to external users at the beamline, mainly for XRD experiments but also for XAS users.

Qualifications & Experience
The candidate should hold a Ph.D. in chemistry, physics or a related area. We are looking for a good experimental scientist with experience in surface x-ray diffraction and UHV techniques. In the candidate evaluation process special attention will be on engineering and technical skills. Furthermore, the ability to work independently, and in collaboration with other researchers, to organize and complete a development project are important qualifications.

Our Offer
The post-doctor position is for a two-year period, and should start as soon as possible.

In addition to a short application, you should provide us with a detailed CV and publication list. Deadline for application is 31/07-2008.

Contact Information
Dr. Stefan Carlson
P.O. Box 118
SE-22100 Lund
Tel: +46 46 2223844
Fax: +46 46 2224710
Email: stefan.carlson@maxlab.lu.se

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