Friday 13th August


    Janusz Lipkowski

    Supramolecular Hydrates: Hydrophilic versus Hydrophobic Hydration of Molecules in the Solids

    Chair: J. Atwood


    Keith Moffat

    Nanosecond Time- Resolved Crystallography

    Chair: D.W.J. Cruickshank

    M13.0A      Photo

    Hot Macromolecular Structures I

    Chair: N. Isaacs
    Co-Chair: J.L. Martin

    M13.0B     Photo

    Time-Resolved Diffraction and Protein Dynamics

    Chair: I. Schlicting
    Co-Chair: J. Helliwell

    M13.0C     Photo

    Aperiodic and Incommen- surate Structures II

    Chair: T. Janssen
    Co-Chair: G. Chapius

     M13.0D     Photo

    Structure Solution from Powders Using Electron and Powder Diffraction Techniques

    Chair: S. Hovmoeller
    Co-Chair: R.J. Cernik

     M13.0E     Photo

    Absorption corrections

    Chair: M.M. Woolfson
    Co-Chair: A.L. Spek


    Strong Closed Shell Interactions in Crystals

    Chair: A.Vegas
    Co-Chair: P. Pyykko

    M13.AA     Photo

    Hot Macromolecular Structures II

    Chair: C.I. Branden
    Co-Chair: M. Bolognesi

    M13.BB     Photo

    The MAD Method

    Chair: C. Ogata
    Co-Chair: A. Thompson

    M13.CC     Photo


    Chair: V. Kopsky
    Co-Chair: E. Koch

     M13.DD     Photo

    Ab initio Structure Prediction

    Chair: C.R.A. Catlow
    Co-Chair: P. Verwer

     M13.EE     Photo

    Data Accuracy and Detectors (Sponsored by Stoe)

    Chair: W. Minor
    Co-Chair: H. Graafsma

     M13.FF     Photo


    Chair: H. Klapper
    Co-Chair: J.W. Hu


    Hans Beat Burgi

    Frontiers in Chemical Crystallography

    Chair: C.P. Brock

    K13.04    Photo

    Justin Wark

    Picosecond X-ray Diffraction

    Chair: L. Aslanov