Thursday 12th August

    K12.01     Photo

    Paolo Radaelli

    Colossal Magneto- Resistance

    Chair: J. Evans

    K12.02     Photo

    Michele Parrinello

    Role and Perspectives of Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics in Crystallography

    Chair: D. Price

    M12.0A    Photo

    Viruses and Viral Proteins

    Chair: Y. Jones
    Co-Chair: W. Hendrickson

    M12.0B    Photo

    Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions and Cell Adhesion

    Chair: F.A. Quiocho
    Co-Chair: P. van Roey

    M12.0C    Photo

    Aperiodic and Incommensurate Structures (I)

    Chair: S. van Smaalen
    Co-Chair: W. Paciorek

     M12.0D    Photo

    Structure Solution from Powder Data - Inorganic Materials

    Chair: Ch. Baerlocher
    Co-Chair: J. Rius

     M12.0E    Photo

    X-ray Optics
    (Sponsored by Microsource)

    Chair: A. Authier
    Co-Chair: K. Lal

     M12.0F    Photo

    Giant Magneto Resistance Materials

    Chair: F. Tasset
    Co-Chair: A. Balagurov

    M12.AA    Photo

    Cellular and Molecular Regulation

    Chair: B. DeVos
    Co-Chair: E. Goldsmith

    M12.BB    Photo

    Ab Initio and Molecular Replacement Phasing Methods

    Chair: J. Navaza
    Co-Chair: G. Bricogne

    M12.CC    Photo

    Pseudo-symmetry and Twinning

    Chair: H.D. Flack
    Co-Chair A.J. Blake

     M12.DD    Photo

    Combined Powder Diffraction, EXAFS and DAFS

    Chair: G.N. Greaves
    Co-Chair: G. Sankar

     M12.EE    Photo

    Perovskite and Related Materials

    Chair: J. Jorgensen
    Co-Chair: P. Attfield

     M12.FF    Photo

    Teaching Crystallography

    Chair: K. Crennell
    Co-Chair: K. El Sayed

    K12.03     Photo

    Walter Steurer

    The Hidden Order of Aperiodic Crystals

    Chair: A. Janner

    K12.04     Photo

    Sung-Hou Kim

    Structural Genomics of a Hyperthermophile: A Feasability Test

    Chair: J. Thornton