Wednesday 11th August

    K11.01     Photo

    Carmelo Giacovazzo

    Structure Solution from Powders

    Chair: H. Schenk

    K11.02     Photo

    Ian Wilson

    Structural Basis of Immune Recognition

    Chair: A.C. Bloomer

    M11.0A     Photo

    The Immune System and Designed Enzymes

    Chair: D. Fremont
    Co-Chair: R. Stevens

    M11.0B     Photo

    Metalloproteins, Electron Transport and EXAFS

    Chair: J.M. Guss
    Co-Chair: B.G.M. Hedman

    M11.0C     Photo

    High Pressure Studies of Biological and Other Soft Matter

    Chair: R. Winter
    Co-Chair: S.M Gruner

    M11.0D     Photo

    Crystal Engineering

    Chair: G.R. Desiraju
    Co-Chair: R D. Rogers/
    M. Zaworotko

    M11.0E     Photo

    Quantitative Electron Diffraction and Microscopy

    Chair: D. van Dyck
    Co-Chair: J. Gjonnes

     M11.0F     Photo

    Perovskite Materials

    Chair: P. Woodward
    Co-Chair: E. Antipov

    M11.AA     Photo

    Drug Discovery and Design
    (Sponsored by 3-Dimensional
    Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

    Chair: P. Fitzgerald
    Co-Chair: P. Colman

    M11.BB     Photo

    Macromolecules at High Resolution: Refinement and Validation

    Chair: K.S. Wilson
    Co-Chair: G.J. Kleywegt

    M11.CC     Photo

    New Frontiers in High Pressure Crystallography

    Chair: J.B. Parise
    Co-Chair: D. Hausermann

     M11.DD     Photo

    Structure Solution from Powder Data - Molecular Compounds
    (Sponsored by Clariant BmbH)

    Chair: W.I.F. David
    Co-Chair: R. Dinnebier

     M11.EE     Photo

    Magnetic and Inelastic Scattering

    Chair: M.J. Cooper
    Co-Chair: G.H. Lander

     M11.FF     Photo

    Intermolecular Interactions

    Chair: K. Suwinska
    Co-Chair: J.C.A. Boeyens

     M11.GG     Photo

    Bulk Crystal Growth and Surface Phenomena

    Chair: I. Smolsky
    Co-Chair: M. Muehlberg

    K11.03     Photo

    Daniel Hausermann

    Crystallography in Extreme Conditions of Pressure and Temper- ature: Myth or Reality?

    Chair: H. Iwasaki

    K11.04     Photo

    Jennifer Doudna

    Crystal Structure of a Hepatitis Delta Virus Ribozyme: Clues to RNA Catalysis

    Chair: W. Hol