Monday 9th August

    K09.01     Photo

    Colin Fyfe

    Solid State NMR as a Complementary Technique to X-ray Diffraction

    Chair: C. Dobson

    K09.02     Photo

    Yu Wang

    Charge Density Analysis and Bond Character- isation of 3d-Transition Metal Complexes

    Chair: P. Coppens

    M09.0A     Photo

    Endocytosis and Exocytosis

    Chair: A.T. Brünger
    Co-Chair: T. Kirchausen

    M09.0B     Photo

    New Frontiers in Macro- molecular Crystallisation
    (Sponsored by NASA)

    Chair: E. Snell
    Co-Chair: N. Chayen

    M09.0C     Photo

    Physical Properties and Novel Materials Under High Pressure

    Chair: I.N.Goncharenko
    Co-Chair: Y. Fujii

    M09.0D     Photo

    Synchrotrons and Charge Density Analysis

    Chair: F.K. Larsen
    Co-Chair: H.P. Weber

    M09.0E     Photo

    Microporous Materials

    Chair: H. van Koningsveld
    Co-Chair: H. Gies

    M09.0F     Photo

    Polymorphism and Isomorphism
    Sponsored by Bruker AXS

    Chair: J. Bernstein
    Co-Chair: J. Anwar

    M09.AA     Photo

    Why Low Resolution? Methods and Outcomes

    Chair: A. Podjarny
    Co-Chair: V. Lunin

    M09.BB     Photo

    Molecular Basis of Disease and Toxicity

    Chair: W. Hol
    Co-Chair: S. Muchmore

    M09.CC     Photo

    High Pressure Data Acquisition and Analysis

    Chair: M. Kunz
    Co-Chair: W.F. Kuhs

    M09.DD     Photo

    Opto-Electronic Materials

    Chair: L. Bohaty
    Co-Chair: G. Marnier

    M09.EE     Photo

    Dynamic Aspects of Molecular Crystals

    Chair: C.K. Prout
    Co-Chair C.P. Brock

    M09.FF     Photo

    Growth of Mesoscopic Crystals

    Chair: Nai-Ben Ming
    Co-chair: Y. Arakawa

    K09.03     Photo

    Pam Thomas

    Crystallography and non Linear Optics

    Chair: I. Voigt-Martin

    K09.04     Photo

    Stephen Cusack

    Accuracy in Translation: tRNA and Amino Acid Recognition by Amino-acyl tRNA Synthetases

    Chair: A. Liljas