Sunday 8th August

    K08.01     Photo

    Josh Thomas

    Crystallography and the Li-Ion Battery

    Chair: P. Bruce

    K08.02     Photo

    Dave McKay

    Small Ribozyme Structure and Mechanism

    Chair: D. Moras

    M08.0A     Photo

    Crystallography and NMR of RNA

    Chair: D. Moras
    Co-Chair: D. Lilley

    M08.0B     Photo

    Large Unit Cells: Sources, Detectors and Data

    Chair: S. Ealick
    Co-Chair: A. Leslie

    M08.0C     Photo

    High Pressure Structures and Phase Transitions

    Chair: O. Shimomura
    Co-Chair: M.I. McMahon

     M08.0D     Photo

    Applications of Line Broadening

    Chair: D. Balzar
    Co-chair: R. Delhez

     M08.0E     Photo

    Difficult Structures

    Chair: D.J. Watkin
    Co-Chair: P.T. Beurskens

     M08.0F     Photo

    Advanced Battery and Fuel Cell Materials

    Chair: P.Bruce
    Co-Chair: T. Kamiyama

    M08.AA     Photo

    Prediction, Docking and Pattern Recognition

    Chair: J. Thornton
    Co-Chair: M. Eisenstein

    M08.BB     Photo

    Problematics in Macro- molecular Structure II: Fitting and Refinement
    (Sponsored by CCP4)

    Chair: E. Dodson
    Co-Chair: T.A. Jones

    M08.CC     Photo

    Structures and Techniques at Extreme Pressures and Temperatures

    Chair: R.J. Hemley
    Co-Chair: A.K. Singh

    M08.DD     Photo

    Non-Structural Applications of Rietveld Analysis

    Chair: D.K. Smith
    Co-Chair: I. Madsen

     M08.EE     Photo

    Interfacial Structures

    Chair: S. Satija
    Co-Chair: J. Penfold

     M08.FF     Photo

    Structure-Property Relationships in Chiral Compounds

    Chair: K. Stadnicka
    Co-Chair: C.C. Wilson

    K08.03     Photo

    Werner Kuhs

    Water Structures in Ices and Clathrates: Theme and Pressure Variations

    Chair: D. Klug

    K08.04     Photo

    John Moult

    Protein Structure Modelling in the Era of Structural Genomics

    Chair: J. Smith