Saturday 7th August

    K07.01     Photo

    Jack Dunitz

    Polymorphism: The
    Same Yet Different (Bragg Lecture)

    Chair: A.C.T. North

    K07.02     Photo

    Bill Thomlinson

    X-ray Imaging: From Amplitude to Phase

    Chair: M. Hart

    M07.0A     Photo

    Problematics in Macro- molecular Structures: I Phasing (Sponsored by Rigaku)

    Chair: R. Read
    Co-Chair: Z. Otwinoski


    Engineering Macromolecules for Crystallisation

    Chair: K. Nagai
    Co-Chair: Craigi

    M07.0C     Photo

    Phase Transitions

    Chair: J.M. Pérez-Mato
    Co-Chair: U. Bismayer

     M07.0D     Photo

    'In-situ' Studies Using Powder Diffraction

    Chair: G. Artioli
    Co-Chair: P. Barnes

     M07.0E     Photo

    Amorphous Materials: Small Angle Scattering

    Chair: G. Kostorz
    Co-Chair: J.S. Pedersen

     M07.0F     Photo

    Catalysts and Surfaces

    Chair: L. Leiserowitz
    Co-Chair: R.O. Gould


    Protein-Nucleic Interactions

    Chair: S. Burley
    Co-Chair: S. Neidle

    M07.BB     Photo

    Bioinformation and Databases
    (Sponsored by NIST)

    Chair: S. Fortier
    Co-Chair: S. Bryant

    M07.CC     Photo

    Short Range Order and Diffuse Scattering

    Chair: H. Boysen
    Co-Chair: J.L. Finney

    M07.DD     Photo

    Thick Coatings

    Chair: P. Scardi
    Co-Chair: W. Reimers

     M07.EE     Photo

    Polymorphism in Industry
    (Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Sciences, U. of Strathclyde)

    Chair: N. Shankland
    Co-Chair: W. DeCamp

     M07.FF     Photo

    Organometallic and Co-ordination Chemistry
    (Sponsored by Dept. Chemistry University of Glasgow)

    Chair: A.G. Orpen
    Co-Chair: C. Kruger


    Richard Welberry

    Diffuse Scattering
    Lonsdale Lecture

    Chair: H. Flack

    K07.04     Photo

    Paul Sigler

    "Chaperonin Assisted Protein Folding: The Final Step in Genetic Expression"

    Chair: Z. Shakked