Friday 6th August

    K06.01     Photo

    Dave Cox

    Impact of Powder Diffraction on Materials Science

    Chair: D. Louër

    K06.02     Photo

    Johann Deisenhofer

    Membrane Protein Structure: An Exciting Frontier

    Chair: A. Leslie

    M06.0A     Photo

    Membrane Proteins and
    Transmembrane Signalling

    Chair: S. Buchanan
    Co-Chair: S.R. Sprang


    Structural Enzymology and Unusual Chemistry

    Chair: W.H.E. Saenger
    Co-Chair: G. Oliva

    M06.0C     Photo

    Chemical Insights from Charge Density Studies

    Chair: M. Spackman
    Co-Chair: T. Koritsanszky

     M06.0D     Photo

    Challenging Rietveld Refinements

    Chair: R.B. Von Dreele
    Co-Chair: D. Louër

     M06.0E     Photo

    Neutron Studies of Stress/Strain

    Chair: T. Holden
    Co-Chair: M. Hutchings


    Advances in Liquid Structure Determination

    Chair: M. A. Ricci
    Co-Chair: A.K. Soper


    Structural Motifs and Multidomain Proteins

    Chair: O. Herzberg
    Co-Chair: M. Safro

    M06.BB     Photo

    Structure from Pictures: Direct Macromolecular Structure Determination by Electron Microscopy

    Chair: H. Saibil
    Co-Chair: R. Henderson

    M06.CC     Photo

    X-ray and Neutron Complementarity

    Chair: B.Lebech
    Co-Chair: J.W. White

     M06.DD     Photo

    Industrial On-Line X-ray Analysis

    Chair: M. Bellotto
    Co-Chair: D. Taylor

     M06.EE     Photo

    Interfaces, Thin films and Multilayers

    Chair: P. Fewster
    Co-Chair: S. P. Sen Gupta

     M06.FF     Photo

    Molecular Magnets

    Chair: O. Kahn
    Co-Chair: L.K. Thompson

    K06.03     Photo

    Michail Kovalchuk

    X-ray Standing Wave Technique - Structure-Sensitive Surface Spectroscopy

    Chair: R. Feidenhans'l

    K06.04     Photo

    Marin van Heel

    Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Single Particles: The Structure of the E. coli Ribosome

    Chair: D. Stuart