Thursday 5th August


    Jim Scott

    Crystallographic Aspects of Ferroelectric Memories

    Chair: M. Glazer

    K05.02     Photo

    Tim Richmond


    Chair: A. Klug

    M05.AA     Photo

    Motor Proteins and Muscles

    Chair: K. Wakabayashi
    Co-Chair: A. Houdusse

    M05.BB     Photo

    The Phase Problem in Electron Crystallography

    Chair: D. Dorset
    Co-Chair: R. Vincent

    M05.CC     Photo

    Real Time `in-situ' Reaction Chemistry

    Chair: Y. Ohashi
    Co-Chair: R. Boese

    M05.DD     Photo

    Optimisation Methods
    (Sponsored by Tripos Inc.)

    Chair: K. Shankland
    Co-Chair: R. Glen

    M05.EE     Photo

     Micro Structure and Texture of Real Materials

    Chair: F. Frey
    Co-Chair: S.Billinge

     M05.FF     Photo

    Ferroic Structures

    Chair: V. Wadhawan
    Co-Chair: Y. Ishibashi

    K05.03     Photo

    Elena Boldyreva

    Solid State Reactions

    Chair: G.R. Desiraju


    Ken Holmes

    Molecular Mechanism of Muscle Contraction

    Chair: H. Holden