First European Charge Density Meeting
Abbaye des Premontres, France, 14 - 16 November 1996

  1. The first European Charge Density Meeting, organized by Claude Lecomte, LCM3B, URA CNRS 809, University Henri Poincare, Nancy 1, France, was held at the "Abbaye des Premontres" on 14th, 15th and 16th November 1996. Almost 80 participants, among them crystallographers, solid state physicists, quantum chemists from European countries, USA, Canada and Marocco, attended sessions on material sciences, maximum entropy, electrostatics, modellisation of charge density and transferability. Many interesting discussions concerned the future of charge density reserach: maximum entropy methods, high resolution synchrotron data, extension of experimental work to large systems (proteins, zeolites, polyvanadates) and their theoretical calculations (LAPW, SCF, DFT) which necessitate confrontation with experiment. This certainly demonstrated that there is room for people wishing to enter the field. Many young researchers presented their own work either in oral presentations (20') or in poster form (+ 5' oral). The abstracts and the program of the meeting are available on request by e-mail to
  2. This meeting is planned to run on a three year cycle in order that one specialized conference on charge density occurs every year (Sagamore, Gordon, European). The next meeting will be organized in Barcelona in 1999 by Prof.C.Miravitlles (CSIC, Institute of Material Sciences) and Prof. J.F.Piniella (Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain).

Claude Lecomte (Chair)

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