Commission on Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities
MINUTES OF CLOSED MEETING Room 614, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle 16 August 1996

Present: K Schwarz (Chair), D Feil, V Tsirelson, Y Wang, C Lecomte, JB Forsyth, B Roberston, M Spackman, M Sakata

  1. Home page of the CCSMD K Schwarz is to establish a Commission home page on the WWW (at TU-Wien), which will have links from the IUCr page, and links to members, projects, conferences, workshops, and recent news and highlights. To this end, Commission members were requested to provide KS with several keywords summarizing their research interests.
  2. Sagamore XII B Robertson provided recent information on the scientific program. P Becker has agreed to arrange the program on electrostatic potentials. JB Forsyth suggested Sacchetti or Lander to organize the magnetization part of the meeting; BR to contact Lander. Itoh and Bansil to be responsible for positron annihilation and Compton scattering.
  3. Gordon Conference 1998 K Schwarz and C Lecomte met in November in Nancy to discuss dates and times. The venue (to be selected by the Gordon Committee) will dictate timing. Possibilities are Oxford (September), San Miniato (May) or a site near Prague (?). It was noted that the ECM will be in Prague, 16-22 August 1998, and this must be taken into consideration.
  4. Multipole project Some discussion on suitable systems (how many and which). For an inorganic candidate it was generally agreed that Al2O3 was the most suitable, although CL indicated that Hans-Peter Weber was of the opinion that the ESRF synchrotron data was not good enough, and he would like to analyze it himself, hence precluding its use in this project. There were problems associated with all known charge density data sets on corundum, but M Spackman felt that more than one experimental data set should be included. MS and CL plan to discuss this by email following the Seattle meeting, and there was agreement to make data on corundum available initially (preliminary report at Sagamore XII), and at Sagamore discuss suitable centrosymmetric organic systems.
  5. Maximum entropy project There was inconclusive and rather diffuse discussion about the MEM project, with no clear presentation made of the procedures which will be followed. Hopefully more will be available on the WWW site (

Mark Spackman, Secretary

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