Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities

Commission Members Full address list

  • Arun Bansil (USA)
    • Positron annihilation, Compton profile, theory
  • Carlo Gatti (Italy)
    • topology of electron density, theory
  • Claude Lecomte (France)
    • experimental electron densities and electrostatic potentials, multipole refinement
  • Francesco Sacchetti (Italy)
    • x-ray and neutron scattering; spin densities
  • Nobuhiko Sakai (Japan)
    • Compton profiles, experiment
  • Makoto Sakata (Japan)
    • maximum entropy method
  • Mark Spackman (Australia, Chair)
    • electron densities by x-ray, experiment and refinements, theory
  • John Spence (Tempe, Arizona, USA)
    • electron diffraction
  • Vladimir Tsirelson (Russia)
    • electron density distribution, experimental and theoretical
  • Yu Wang (Taipei)
    • electron density distribution; precise X-ray diffraction measurements; computational chemistry; transition metal complexes
  • Yasuhiko Fujii (Japan)
    • Ex officio member: Chairman of Commission on Neutron Scattering


Former Members

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