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This document provides an authoratitive statement of the use of statistics in crystallography. The document contains a Glossary of statistical terms and sections on the following topics: There is a description of the historical background of the production of this document.


The hypertext document has been made by editing together two separate reports commissioned by the International Union of Crystallography:
  • A report published in 1989 written by D. Schwarzenbach, S.C. Abrahams, H.D. Flack, W. Gonschorek, Th. Hahn, K. Huml, R.E. Marsh, E. Prince, B.E. Robertson, J.S. Rollett and A.J.C. Wilson
  • A report published in 1995 written by D. Schwarzenbach, S.C. Abrahams, H.D. Flack, E. Prince and A.J.C. Wilson

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